Packard Yamaha YXZ High Performance Clutch Lockout


Yamaha YXZ High Performance Clutch Lockout

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This is the Ultimate clutch add-on for all manual shift YXZ's. We have kept this setup quite a secret and for in-house builds only but are now ready to sell to the public. 

We run this clutch combination on every in-house YXZ build from mild to wild. This clutch combination has proven to get the power to the ground with the right amount of slip to help save drive train parts but keep your clutch plates living for a long time.  

It only works in conjunction with the Barnett pressure plate, which is included with this kit. 

OEM clutch plates or aftermarket clutch plates work with this kit but are not included. 

NOTE: It only works on manual shift YXZ models and does not work with sport shift models.


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