TheCOM Stereo Helmet Headset - S4S



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Just like the ear defender headsets, this headset comes with both an upgraded noise-cancelling microphone and an upgraded wind sock to eliminate as much wind and engine noise as possible.

It also includes upgraded STEREO speakers which are twice the size of standard helmet headsets to deliver the best sound quality available

The helmet headsets include:

  • 3M peal and stick hook and loop ear rings to hold the speakers in place
  • Noise canceling mic
  • Thick aviation style wind sock to block the wind from opening the mic
  • Crisp clear upgraded stereo speakers for all those music lovers
  • approximately 9-inch coiled cord section to relieve wire tug
  • 3.5 mm TRRS audio connection with OMTP standard pin-out (T = Left spk, R= Right spk, R=mic, S=Ground)

Perhaps most exciting and unique is that it also includes upgraded STEREO speakers.  These speakers produce music in crisp, rich tones similar to what you’re used to hearing from your favorite stereo headphones.

Fits most helmets (full, open, adult, child) (see install example here).

This product is compatible with the S4S only.