Polaris Xpedition Dual Suppressor Slip-On Exhaust | Aftermarket Assassins
Polaris Xpedition Dual Suppressor Slip-On Exhaust | Aftermarket Assassins
Polaris Xpedition Dual Suppressor Slip-On Exhaust | Aftermarket Assassins

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Polaris Xpedition Dual Suppressor Slip-On Exhaust

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This stainless steel AA slip-on exhaust is just what your machine needs!  We set out to produce an exhaust that adds power, looks great, and sounds great... without being obnoxiously loud.

With our dual muffler design, this exhaust sounds amazing with a nice deep tone but not significantly louder than the OEM exhaust.   At idle and off idle you will notice a bit more rumble but when moving, this exhaust is within 2 dB of the stock exhaust.  The deeper tone helps cover up some of the engine noise/drone.

Gain 7-8 RWHP!  In our initial testing, we could instantly feel the difference with this exhaust and saw a 200-300 RPM gain.  The dyno backed this up by showing us the gains and just how quickly they came on.  The best thing about this exhaust is the ability to run our Cruiser clutch setup and still see a power gain.  When clutched fully loaded with our Cruiser weights, we only lost 2-3 RWHP when compared to being clutched for 8400-8500 RPM.  At higher speeds the Cruiser kit dropped off a bit more, but 0-40 MPH acceleration was barely affected.  This is a big deal, as with the OEM exhaust you lose much more power with our Cruiser setup.  This exhaust really shines everywhere, especially in the mid-range.

Dyno graph is shown with 32" tires which showed a gain on the dyno due to building speed quicker. See a list of power levels on 32" tires below.

  • Stock with 32" Tires = 96 RWHP
  • Stock with Cruiser clutch setup = 86 RWHP
  • S3 Cruiser clutch kit + L1 Flash = 88 RWHP
  • S3 Clutch Kit (not Cruiser) with stock ECU = 100 RWHP
  • S3 Clutch Kit (not Cruiser) and L1 Flash = 103 RWHP
  • S3 Cruiser Clutch Kit + Exhaust + L2 Flash = 108 RWHP
  • S3 Clutch Kit (not Cruiser) + L2 Flash = 110 RWHP

If you'd still like less sound, you can install our 1.5" Stealth Quiet Core. Installing this core drops horsepower and sound back to factory levels with nearly the same note.

Can use your OEM spark arrestor in this exhaust or purchase our spark arrestor. Exhaust cannot be used with both the spark arrestor and 1.5" stealth core at the same time.


  • Much better airflow which is needed to decrease heat (especially when tuned)
  • Eliminates the stock catalytic converter which creates a ton of exhaust and motor heat
  • +7-8 RWHP with our Level 2 ECU flash for proper fueling
  • Fits nicely into the factory location and allows bed to dump
  • Made at the AA Facility in the USA!
  • Sharp corners and outlets designed to match the Xpedition styling
  • Hydroblasted finish with rust inhibitor.
  • Can be used with the factory tune or our Level 1 tune without issue, but will run even better and gain the most power with our Level 2 tune designed for this exhaust.
  • Models with the dump bed include a cable to slightly shorten the throw of the bed damper to prevent the tailgate from hitting when down

NOTE: Will NOT fit with most rear bumpers


Polaris Xpedition