Polaris RZR Pro R / Turbo R Billet Radius Rods | CT Race Worx
Polaris RZR Pro R / Turbo R Billet Radius Rods | CT Race Worx

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Polaris RZR Pro R / Turbo R Billet Radius Rods

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Our premium Pro R and Turbo R Radius Rods, where no expense has been spared in their construction.

Crafted from robust American-made 7075 aluminum, twice as strong as 6061 aluminum, these radius rods are precision-milled to perfection for your Pro R and Turbo R.  Why do we choose 7075 over 6061?  The weakest part of the rod will will always be the area that surrounds the uniballs, or where a joint is threaded in.  The area that surrounds the uniballs is often severely limited to how much material we can have before it starts to interfere with the trailing arm or other components, this is the biggest stress point of the radius rod as during bottom outs the lower rod has a tremendous pull force on it.  On a threaded link we're limited to the material that is in the threads itself, we need maximum strength there as well to not pull the threads out of the rods, or compress the threads over time making the joints wobbly in the rod becoming loose.  7075 is also known for its flexibility and its memory, with a direct impact it will deflect up to 10% and spring back to its original shape, the flexibility and memory of this material is why it's used as the main structure of aircraft wings.  Furthermore all of these reasons are why this material is used as suspension "link material" for rock crawlers and rock bouncers as well as trailing arms and control arms on trophy trucks, almost never 6061.

The lower rods provide an impressive 1" gain in ground clearance at the radius rod's peak, with over 2" in other key areas. Their front features a substantial 3/4" tall 45-degree ramped face, ensuring you smoothly conquer obstacles without getting stuck. Integrated gussets further reinforce these rods, preventing deflection during extreme bottom-outs and unusual impacts. We've incorporated the wide series of FK uniballs, specifically the WSSX12T, ensuring durability and performance. To prevent unnecessary movement while allowing for slight deflection when needed, we've utilized a unique set of spacers and o-rings on the frame side of the radius rods.

The upper radius rods feature our exclusive single-point quick adjuster, eliminating the need for jam nuts. This adjuster includes a 3/4" LH JMX12T rod end and an adjuster collar crafted from heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel. With a 1" OD right-hand thread and 3/4" ID left-hand thread, it boasts multiple thread slots for easy adjustments. The upper radius rod itself serves as the adjuster's housing, featuring a 1" ID thread and a slot through the body. Simply loosen the (2) 5/16" bolts, use a 1-1/4" wrench to turn the adjuster collar, and retighten the bolts to 25 ft lbs to secure everything in place. This allows for convenient camber adjustments while the vehicle is on the ground.

We've opted for 3/4" uniballs over 7/8" for their superior strength and the robust material surrounding the uniball. Both upper and lower rods are entirely symmetrical, eliminating the need for left or right-hand-specific rods, making it easier for racers to carry spares.

Every set comes anodized in black, and, as always, our parts are backed by a lifetime warranty. Replacement wearable items are readily available.

Elevate your off-road performance with CT Race Worx Pro R and Turbo R Radius Rods, where quality and durability meet innovation.

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