Polaris RZR Pro R Turbo Kit | Aftermarket Assassins
Polaris RZR Pro R Turbo Kit
Polaris RZR Pro R Turbo Kit
Polaris RZR Pro R Turbo Kit
Polaris RZR Pro R Turbo Kit

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Polaris RZR Pro R Turbo Kit

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Revolver Clutch Cover:

Revolver Clutch Cover




MORE DETAILS COMING SOON - If you want this kit, please email us and we'll put you on the current wait list which is growing by the day.  Production on these types of kits takes time to ramp up, so we'll be slowly pushing kits out starting 1/31/2023.

Our water to air intercooled setup is a true bolt-on kit that sets the standard for Pro R turbo kits and include top notch tuning, clutching, and all the required parts necessary to properly add boost to your Pro R.

Absolutely wicked horsepower gains! Seriously... even on pump gas, these vehicles are stupid fast.  Move on to race fuel or E85 and they are on another level... simply mind blowing.

This kit utilizes the stock intake and air filter. This system works well at keeping dirt, debris, or water out of the intake system. Other kits may use clamp on filters which we do not suggest as they will be more prone to ingesting dirt.   We do highly suggest our AA high flow Pro R air filter with outerwear.

Our stainless header has longer tubes than a cast manifold.  This helps take the heat away from the cylinders so we can more safely run higher boost without knock.  Our head pipe is designed to be as even flow as possible, and has an extremely sturdy mounting system for the turbo.

The Turbocharger: This kit uses a larger turbo with less back pressure which is key for reducing engine knock on this high compression and high RPM motor. It's also needed to create higher horsepower levels. Because this is a high compression motor, it has a huge amount of bottom end to spool the turbo quickly. We use a low volume charge circuit so it fills with boost quickly, making lag in this kit virtually nonexistent. The turbo is simple; journal bearing and oil fed/cooled. This makes installation easier, keeps cost down, and is the most proven/forgiving bearing for off-road. We actually had problems with the turbo spooling too fast, so ball bearings are not needed, and we have no heat issues as back pressure is low, so water cooling is not needed for bearing life. Our turbo is assembled and balanced in the USA.

Tune levels: We'll have more details soon, but we will have several tune levels for 91-93 octane(5-7psi), 98-100 octane(9-11psi), 110 octane(14-15psi), and E85(14-15psi.

We are also in development of race tunes to run 18-20psi of boost.  We have hit 411rwhp on our dyno at this pressure, so roughly 475-500 crank horsepower.  However running this high of pressure/cylinder pressure will take some extra testing to make sure all components of the motor, clutches, air intake, and venting can keep up.

We highly suggest our AA slip-on exhaust with this kit which is included.  Our exhaust has 5" of exhaust outlet (dual 2.5" ports) which is extremely important to decrease backpressure when running hard, reduce chances of engine knock timing retard, and have the highest horsepower.  That being said, this kit should work with any free flowing style exhaust.  It's designed to mate with our slip-on in the stock location, so others may also work.  Keep in mind there are clearance issues above the exhaust where the charge tube runs, an oil drain line coming in by the alternator, and the charge tube uses the driver side top exhaust hanger mount.

Tuned via the AA/HP Tuners RTD device. This requires your ECU to be sent in to us(AA) for a one time unlock, then the device can flash your ECU and change tunes at any time without needing to send it back. This system allows you to receive tunes, updates, and data log via a smartphone application. While we have the capability, a simple ECU flash will not be available for this kit as data logging and tune revisions can be a critical function to helping solve technical issues(if they were to arise).

Boost is regulated via easy spring changes to prevent accidental over boost situations that can happen with boost controllers. We'll have more details on boost adjustment as kits are ready for shipping as boost regulation is proprietary to this kit.

The intercooler: Water cooling is better than air! Our water to air intercooler setup is industry leading as it has a small package size, but cools the charge air extremely well.  With increased air intake temps, knock protection(timing retard) will kick in especially on pump gas tunes.  Our intercooler setup gives you the best chance to maintain peak power even on those long pulls. This system also has minimal volume vs. an air to air setup, making spool up much quicker. The heat exchanger is filled with coolant that circulates to the intercooler via a pump, and has two fans included. This requires wiring the low draw pump/fans to either your pulse bar, or the battery.

The blow off valve and catch can are both vented to atmosphere in this kit and need to be. Both are located fairly high in the vehicle and always have positive pressure, so they can withstand the elements. If riding deep mud, you can easily use 1" hose and snorkel these items anywhere you'd like.

This kit fits under the OEM bed with just a little extra effort over stock(tilt it to the right to remove/install).

Keep in mind of our heat exchanger location as it may interfere with accessories mounted off the rear of the cage.  Also keep in mind slight customization to our bottom heat exchanger mount may be needed with aftermarket roll cages.

Boost Gauge: Verifying proper boost numbers is extremely important.  You can purchase our optional boost gauge to mount on the dash to make things very simple, but this does take time to route.  However, the RTD device included in this kit will allow you to record data logs and view data with your smartphone or laptop so you can calculate boost(or send them to us for review).  This is done by viewing gauges with the key on, engine OFF and looking at manifold absolute pressure which will be your atmospheric pressure.   Remember this value(normally around 14 if at sea level to 1500ft), then when running the vehicle at full throttle, subtract that value from the current manifold absolute pressure value.    For instance, our pressure is 14 with the key off, and our manifold pressure at wide open throttle is 24.  This means you are running 10psi of boost.

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge:  Our tunes are set up with air/fuel ratios that are the perfect balance of power and engine safety.  The tunes are set up to allow the OEM ECU to compensate via correction factors for altitude and temperature changes.  However, having the optional AFR gauge helps you make your air/fuel ratio is where it should be.  The OEM narrow band sensor in the exhaust does not allow us to see air/fuel ratios, so an additional wideband module must be added to view this.   This is a big help if troubleshooting is needed.  This can be purchased later as all exhausts come with an extra o2 sensor port/cap.


  • Turbocharger
  • Custom stainless turbo header
  • Billet wastegate
  • Exhaust gaskets
  • Oil adapters
  • Drain line
  • Feed lin
  • Oil drain plate
  • V-band exhaust clamps
  • Exhaust downpipe
  • Slip-on exhaust
  • Water to air intercooler
  • Water pump with mount
  • Heat exchanger with fans/wiring
  • Intake tube kit
  • Charge air tube kit with blow off valve
  • Boost control valve
  • Boost line and adapters
  • 3 bar map sensor, big injectors
  • Lower heat iridium spark plugs
  • Catch can(specific just for this kit)
  • S3 turbo clutch kit
  • ECU unlock
  • 4 credits
  • AA turbo tune(s) for AA/HP Tuners RTD device