Rock Ready Polaris General / RZR Gen 4 Adjustable Angle Lowering and Reclining Seat Base
Rock Ready Polaris General / RZR Gen 4 Adjustable Angle Lowering and Reclining Seat Base
Rock Ready Polaris General / RZR Gen 4 Adjustable Angle Lowering and Reclining Seat Base
Rock Ready Polaris General / RZR Gen 4 Adjustable Angle Lowering and Reclining Seat Base
Rock Ready Polaris General / RZR Gen 4 Adjustable Angle Lowering and Reclining Seat Base

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Polaris Gen 4 Adjustable Angle Seat Lowering and Reclining Base Adapter

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The all new Generation 4 seat base has finally arrived!  You can now adjust your recline angle via 4 carriage bolts.  This is the original lowering and reclining seat base that keeps the factory slider.  The adjustable recline and the slider make this the most versatile lowering seat base on the market.  Whether you play in the rocks and want to be more upright but still comfortable, or you are a laid back cruiser, there is a setting for everyone.  The Rock Ready UTV Gen 4 bases also have more slider adjustment slots than the factory seat base.  This allows those people with 4 seater custom cages to gain even more leg room!

These seat bases were designed to work with the stock seats. We try to make these bases fit as many seats and applications as possible but can’t guarantee they will work with everything. So far they have been tested with Simpson (formerly Twisted Stitch) seats, PRP seats and Pro Armor. The amount of adjustment with Simpson seats is limited due to the seat latch hitting the bottom of the seat.  The bases DO NOT work with Beard seats, Corbeau, or Triple X seats.  The seat latch interferes with the steel seat frame at the rear.  Contact us for information on testing new applications risk free.

4 seaters with stock cages will be limited on how far back the seat can slide due to the bar on the cage directly behind the seat. You can either use it that way or cut that bar off to utilize the full range of adjustment and lowering of the seat base.  The stock Turbo S 4 seat cage limits how far back the seat can be adjusted where the 4 point seat belts mount to the cross tube.

General Owners.  General’s have a firewall that is more upright than a RZR.  Although this base fits the machine, it was designed for the RZR.  If used in the General, the seat will have to move forward some to clear the firewall plastic.  The plastic at the bottom can be heated and pushed down some for more clearance to push the seat further back.  Setting the seat base at the lesser angled settings also helps to move the seat further back.  The front seats on the General 4 seater will rub on the front seatbelt housing when used with a stock roll cage and factory seat belt positions while the seat is adjusted to the rear most positions.  The rib in the plastic on the rear portion of the bottom seat cushion can catch on the plastic latch when the seat is adjusted fully to the rear.  This rib can make it difficult to slide the seat forward after it has been adjusted fully to the rear notch.

Gen 3 and Gen 4 seat base differences.  Gen 3 seat bases recline 7 degrees and lower your head approximately 2″.  That means that some machines will require the seat to be moved forward some if the top of the seat is hitting the firewall or is hitting the harness tube on 4 seaters.  The Gen 4 seat base has 3 recline settings via carriage bolts.  Depending on the set of holes the carriage bolts are installed into, the seat will be reclined 3.5 degrees (1.5″ head lowering), 5.2 degrees (1.75″ head lowering), or 7 degrees (2″ head lowering).  The slider notches are also laser cut into the Gen 4 seat base so you don’t reuse the factory zinc coated part.  The Gen 4 also has longer slots and an extra notch to possibly gain leg room in 4 seat machines with aftermarket cages that have the harness bar further back than the factory bar.

Warranty Information:  Rock Ready UTV seat bases have a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.  The warranty covers the structural steel plate portion of the seat base.  Misuse or seat bases that have been modified from the new condition will not be warrantied.  The powder coating, latches, and hardware are not covered by the warranty.


  • Adjustable recline angle (3.5°, 5.2°, 7°)
  • Can be used with or without the factory slider
  • More rear adjustment than the factory seat base
  • Lowers the back of the seat 2+” depending on the recline adjustment
  • Lowers the rear base of the seat 3/4″
  • CNC laser cut and formed
  • 3/16” steel construction
  • Powder coated black
  • Includes all hardware and instructions
  • Choose Single or Pair
  • Polaris General 1000
  • Polaris RZR RS1
  • Polaris RZR S 1000
  • Polaris RZR S 900
  • Polaris RZR Turbo S
  • Polaris RZR XP 1000
  • Polaris RZR XP Turbo