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Kombustion X3 "Serious Drivers Only" Package


Product type: Performance

Vendor: Kombustion Motorsports



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Are you ready to get serious with your X3? You've come to the right place.

We have hand picked the essential, best bang for your buck, ass-kickn', tried-and-true, performance upgrades for your X3. So get ready for action!

Ever changed your belt with the stock Can-Am clutch tool?

With one look at your secondary, everyone can tell that you have... A few changes with the stock tool, the surface of your secondary starts to look like a 16 year old's "curb rashed" wheels. That's why the Original X3 Non-Scarring Belt Tool was invented. It screws right into your secondary and puts 360 degrees of even pressure on the surface. Made with a non destructive material, it is sure to keep your primary looking so fresh and so clean.

How often do you clean your stock air filter?

After EVERY ride? ...Didn't think so. I can bet that if you do, you don't wash it too... because well... you shouldn't. That's why the good people over at S&B have come up with a cleanable/washable air filter that is a direct fit for the X3. So no more cheap clogged filters that need to be replaced. You can blow out the filter and then rinse it off with your garden hose. Couldn't be easier.

How do you drive through the whoops?

Do you let take your foot off the throttle every time your X3 lifts off the ground? Or do you keep that pedal mashed to the ground like you were trying to push it through the foot well? If you're like me, probably the last one. That is the #1 way to go through belts... like snot though tissues. There is only one belt that would stand a chance to this type of punishment. The EVO "Sandstorm" Bad-Ass Belt. It's built to do what others won't.

The "Serious Drivers Only" Package Contains:

  • The Original Can-Am X3 Non-Scarring Belt Tool
  • S&B Replacement Filter For The 2017-2018 Can-Am Maverick X3
  • Evolution Powersports Can-Am X3 "Sandstorm" Bad-Ass Belt