Kawasaki KRX Backcountry LT Conversion Kit


Kawasaki KRX Backcountry LT Conversion Kit

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Apache Backcountry LT tracks are designed to deliver unmatched deep-snow performance. With an aggressive track design engineered for extreme winter conditions, you can count on this track system to get you out on the trail and home safely.

And for the first time ever, you can now use these rugged deep-snow tracks on Kawasaki applications. Our patent-pending design makes it simple to convert Apache Backcountry tracks to your Kawasaki side by side.


  • Brackets for A-arms and Trailing arms
  • Steering limiter straps
  • Anti-rotation arms
  • Hub conversion with lug nuts
  • Track mounting brackets for anti-rotation
  • Finished powder coating

NOTE: Kit does NOT include track system


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