XTC Can Am Maverick X3 Rear Chase Light Bar Wiring Harness

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Can Am Maverick R / X3 Rear Chase Light Bar Wiring Harness

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XTC Power Products Rear Light Bar Power Harness wires to the Busbar where it gets Keyed power and ground and includes 3 Light Bar Activation Wires that can reach the center switch mounts in the dash. The other end plugs into the Factory Rear Tail Light Harness to get the Brake Signals, if used with our TSS (Turn Signal System) it will send them to the light bar. This adapter gets the Light Bar Power from the keyed accessory post not the running lights, the Brake Lights from the Plug & Play adapter, this design prevents the running light circuit from overloads, the load is on the 15 AMP keyed accessory system. It comes with a 10 amp in line fuse.


  • Easy Install Plug and Play Adapter for Brake Signal
  • Power Wire Harness
  • Output is Keyed Power, Two Brake Light Wires, Ground and 3 Control Wires
  • Includes Cable Ties
  • Fits Can-Am Maverick X3 2 seat.
  • Can Am Maverick R
  • Can Am Maverick X3

Instructions CAN-MAV-LBH-IB