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Can Am Maverick R Blow Off Valve Kit

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Get that great PSHHH sound when off the throttle!  Our BOV is designed with the correct spring rate for the Maverick R to be just the right combination of sounding good, not being annoying at cruise, and working properly.

The Maverick R does not come with a blow off valve. Can Am relies on the large charge circuit volume and throttle closure to keep the boost out of the engine when off  the throttle. This certainly works, but is not ideal for your turbocharger. Our BOV kit sounds awesome and helps your turbo rid that extra boost when backing off the throttle. This results in longer turbo life and is all around better for the turbo and motor.

Aluminum vs. Silicone Charge Tubes: Aluminum charge tubes are stronger with less expansion under pressure and have less air turbulence. This results in flow better than silicone tubes when doing back to back tests. Charge tube expansion is increasing charge circuit volume taking away the transfer of air to your motor and resulting in slower spool up. Aluminum tubes also dissipate and reflect motor heat much better than silicone tubes. The main advantages of silicone tubes are less clamps(normally), cheaper to manufacture, and sometimes easier to install. We always use/manufacture aluminum tubes when possible as they have proven themselves to be better, and very reliable... especially with good T-Bolt clamps.


  • Our Blow Off Valve is assembled in house to ensure quality
  • Our aluminum BOV is the same proven design we've been using for nearly 7 years in the powersports industry and is properly tuned/sprung for your Maverick R
  • Includes plug for BOV port in case you need to remove the valve and run without it (like factory)
  • A must have for any Maverick R, but especially when turning up the boost like using our AA Boost Control Box
  • Charge tube with BOV port is made at our own fabrication facility in the USA


  • Black Anodized Billet Aluminum blow off valve
  • BOV Filter
  • BOV plug
  • (2) BOV 1" Clamps
  • 1" BOV connector hose
  • AA welded / bead rolled aluminum elbow
  • HD silicone couplers
  • (2) 3" clamps
  • Silicone 1/4" hose
  • Brass 1/8" T fitting for Cali Models

Can Am Maverick R