Can Am Maverick (2013-2018) 4S1 Track System
Can Am Maverick (2013-2018) 4S1 Track System
Can Am Maverick (2013-2018) 4S1 Track System


Can Am Maverick (2013-2018) 4S1 Track System

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This new track system reaches the next level of performance in any conditions. You simply won’t find another track kit offering this level of ride quality, performance, durability in any applications including deep snow, swamps, marshes, mud and muskeg.

Camso’s Exclusive Flex-Track Design
  • Front-mounted tracks with flexible sides and slight curve toward the inside 
  • Stable handling
  • More comfortable ride than traditional flat tracks
  • Precise steering for pleasant long-distance riding and long working hours

Solid Steel Frame

  • Open light-weight design
  • Improved durability and performance
  • Easily sheds snow, mud, and debris

Tandem Stabilizer and Wheel Shaft

  • Rubber-mounted shafts 
  • Eliminates need for greasing
  • Absorbs shocks for a smoother and more stable ride

Bearing Housing

  • Triple bearing design with oil bath lubrication
  • Improved bearing durability 
  • Stainless sleeves for greater reliability

Puncture-Proof Tires

  • High-density tire with adjusted shape
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Maximizes shock absorption to improve ride quality
  • Delivers trouble-free performance

Wheel and Seal

  • Enhanced wheel seal design  
  • Improved sealing and guiding and reduced wear 
  • Eliminates water absorption due to temperature variations

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Can Am Maverick (2013-2018)