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Can Am Defender HD10 (2016-2019) Stage 1 Clutch Kit

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Our Clutch Kits pack a huge punch!  No matter the terrain, they hit hard and just keep pulling for days.  On the trail or at the race you'll notice wicked acceleration and instant clutch response when getting back into the throttle after hammering that corner.  In the dunes you'll see the same benefits, but also have much less bogging when climbing that big dune.  The machine will hold RPM so you can get where you need to go, and get there faster!  Going mudding?  Our mud setup will help turn those tires through the thick and deep with much better RPM and wheel speed that's key to climbing out of that hole. We have a huge amount of CVT knowledge, a great passion for the sport, and have many hours into testing different setups in the real world.  We know you'll be extremely pleased with the performance gain from our clutch kits!

Our S1 kit for the Defender is simple with our secondary helix and spring, but works amazing.   This kit does nothing with your primary clutch which makes installation and adjustment easier.  We found the secondary clutch needed help, and the primary clutch settings were well done for good belt grip.  Utilizing our helix and stiffer secondary spring we are able to ramp up RPM faster, especially for those with larger tires, paddles, tunes, and exhaust.

When adding larger tires or more vehicle weight, the Defender HD10 loses peak RPM and acceleration suffers.  Even stock they only turn 5500-6000 RPM peak.  We really like to see them at or just over 6000 RPM with the OEM tune.  However, we HIGHLY suggest our tuning for the HD10 when clutching as you can dial it in for 6400-6700 RPM and the vehicle really comes to life.  The combination is hands down the way to go.  If you have others tuning, our kit should still work well at that RPM as long as they did their job.


  • Works well with tire sizes 27" to 33" and paddles 28" to 32"
  • A must have when running larger tires or paddles
  • Wicked throttle response when on & off the throttle
  • More efficient power transferred to the wheels
  • More consistent clutch performance
  • Cooler running belt temps
  • Longer belt and clutch life
  • Includes AA 1082 Helix & Orange Secondary Spring


  • If you have gear reduction in the transmission or portals, please let us know before purchasing
  • If you have an aftermarket turbo kit on your vehicle, please contact us before purchasing

Can Am Defender HD10 (2016-2019)