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Polaris RZR Pro R Specs

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RZR Pro R is a powerful new breed of side-by-side. It has got the largest factory engine ever dropped into a performance machine and an exceptional capacity to power custom accessories.

The All-New ProStar Fury 2.0 Engine

As the saying goes "there's no replacement for displacement." The industry's first 2.0L delivers desert dominating performance that's cooler running, balanced and reliable.

Throttle Control Modes

This is an engine that does what you tell it. Throttle response is instantaneous and pedal mapping is up to you with selectable drive modes for sport cruising, rock crawling and flat out flying.

More Accessory Power

Accessories are power hungry. RZR Pro R makes it easy to feed them. There's a 1,700 watt, belt-driven alternator, auxiliary battery and 6-postion bus bar for plug and play convenience.


RZR pioneered the sport of side-by-side performance. Nobody's covered more miles of dune and desert terrain or knows more about building a machine to endure it.

MaxLink Suspension

The first factory suspension with a fully boxed design, MaxLink uses strategically reinforced, stamped steel construction for added strength.

Our Strongest Chassis & Cage

An all-new chassis delivers a 2x increase in torsional stiffness. The welded one-piece cage is built from 2" tubing and uses tapered joints for added strength where it joins the chassis.

A Desert-Born CVT

RZR Pro R's CVT is built to endure the toughest environments. It uses a wider, longer belt, bigger clutches and better air flow to deliver the longest belt life ever seen on a RZR.


Outrageous power demands exceptional control. RZR Pro R delivers, with the widest stance, longest wheelbase, strongest suspension and four groundbreaking, new ride and handling modes.


The industry's most sophisticated suspension controller independently adjusts compression and rebound to keep RZR Pro R firmly planted on even the most extreme terrain.

Revolutionary Ride and Handling Modes

Selectable ride and handling modes allow you to tune performance on the fly, instantly optimizing shock damping and steering feel for whatever the desert puts in your path.

Ultra-Stable Stance

RZR Pro R's industry-leading 74" stance and 133.5" wheelbase create a rock solid platform that let's you take full advantage of the 16" ground clearance and 29" of usable travel.

RZR Pro R new engine


RZR Pro R alternator

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