Fullerton Sand Sports is Closed

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Fullerton Sand Sports is Closed

As of some of you might have heard that Fullerton Sand Sports is no longer in business, we have all talked with or heard about this company. Somethings are unknown to us about why this is no longer a business in Stanton California. They where the go to shop to talk about sand tires and to be fitted with the best Sand tire options for your ride. We have felt that we need to step in place of where they have left and offer the great knowledge and options for sand tires for your UTV. If you are in the market for some new sand tires please allow us to educate you and let us get your UTV fitted with the best options. Give us a call today at 801-674-2451 or visit our Sand Tire package page on our website here. 



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Eric Cowan on Feb 15, '21

2016 Rzr XP4 – Turbo with EVO Stage 3 tune, advertised 180hp. Looking for rear paddle tire options, stock size wheels.

Matt Slight on Feb 15, '21

I need advise on sand tires. I just purchased an x3 max RR. I am looking for a tire that can do it all. I know skat-trak is the lightest. However I am hearing to many stories about punctures. Don’t really care about drag racing. Just looking for the best tire that will last.

Daniel Martinez on Feb 15, '21

I have a 2020 rzr 1000 turbo s 4 seater.
I want to run 15 inch wheels with 32 inch tires. As you know this car comes with a 72 inch wide stance. My question is what wheels and offset is recommended for this vehicle?

Jose Castillo on Feb 15, '21

To bad Fullerton closed

Ronald Meyers on Feb 15, '21

Who does comp cutting in the Los Angeles California area?

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