Zbroz RZR XP 1000 / RZR XP TURBO Spring Kit for Walker Evans Needle Shocks


Product type: Suspension

Vendor: Zbroz



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Zbroz Racing is excited to offer a spring package that offers dual rate springs with a bolt on - do it yourself adjustable rear crossover feature. This spring kit has been tested, proven and shown an increase in ride height with less body roll and better bottoming resistance. All these major problems are addressed with this package.

For the front shocks you get our custom Progressive Tender Spring Setup. New Tender Springs, Main Springs and Billet Spring Retainers.

For the rear shocks you get a True Dual Rate Spring Setup. Our Tender Springs don't sit collapsed like the OEM setup. You get new Progressive Tender Springs, Main Springs and our Billet two-piece Cross Over Nuts. Our Billet two-piece Cross Over Nuts allow you to install without taking the shock apart.

Huge time and money savings setup! This is the most comprehensive spring kit that is available for you to install with basic hand tools and a floor jack.