ZBROZ Polaris Ranger XP EXIT Shocks X1 Series


SKU: 75-PL0660-SR/75-PL0661-SR-1 ZBROZ

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Application: Ranger XP 900 / Ranger Crew XP 900 / Ranger XP 1000 / Ranger Crew XP 1000

Tuned for more comfort, roll stability and better ride performance. Compression Adjustment for when riding terrain and conditions change

EXIT X1 Series Shocks are a true 2.0" bore design & offer fully adjustable spring pre-load. Each package includes all four shocks with high quality coil springs. Tuned for more comfort & better performance. The X1 series shocks have a compression adjustable knob. EXIT Shocks are fully serviceable for an endless lives of trail pounding and rock crawling fun. All aluminum parts are anodized for a long lasting durable finish. EXIT internal parts are also hard coat anodized with specific port design features to offer the best possible ride in a variety of conditions.

Adds 2” of lift to your Polaris Ranger XP 900 / Ranger CREW XP 900 / Ranger XP 1000 / Ranger CREW XP 1000.

This shock kit includes new Rear Upper A-Arms to clear the larger diameter shocks and springs.