XTC Premium Polaris 2016 RZR Turbo XP1000 Manual Coolant Fan Override Switch Kit


Product type: Performance

Vendor: XTC



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PREMIUM POLARIS FAN OVERRIDE SWITCH, FITS 2016 TURBO XP 1000 Fits 2016 RZR Turbo XP1000Easy Install Plug and PlayUses Weather Pack Connectors and Weather Pack sealed relay mount40 AMP Sealed Relay with Diode ProtectionCarling Sealed Rocker Switch with Red LEDNOTE: This kit does not fit non Turbo, for Non Turbo kit see RZR-FAN-OVRThis Manual override switch allows you to keep the factory electric coolant fan on after the factory thermostat has shut it off. The kit is plug and play using Weather Pack connectors and our adapter uses a sealed Weather Pack relay system with Diode Protection, other companies just use non sealed relay that cannot take mud and water. Also included is a Carling sealed Red LED Rocker switch.To install unplug the factory fan connector and plug our adapter in the middle and re plug in. Using the supplied self tapping screw attach the relay to the fire wall. Run the fused main line to Positive Battery power, Install the switch in the dash.