Trail Armor Polaris General 1000 and General 4 1000 Rear Rack 2016 - 2019


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Whether you’re hunting, hauling, or just wanting to be prepared for anything, Trail Armor’s rear rack for the 2016 - 2019 Polaris General 1000 and the General 4 1000 is a must have. Made from heavy gauge metal, tubing and expanded mesh, this rear rack attaches to your Ranger’s bed by 4 camlocks providing tons of strap and tie down options. Future add-ons for this rear rack – lights, speaker bar, gun and tool racks, bed extender, color options, much more. Powdercoated for extra durability, easy on and off, collapsible for easy storage.  NOTE: IF USING THIS RACK WITH A FACTORY GLASS REAR WINDOW, USE CAUTION WHEN CLOSING YOUR BED. IF YOU SLAM IT CLOSED, YOU COULD BREAK YOUR GLASS.