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We are the only ones in the world to harness full traction technology. We've replaced the original wheel with a sprocket of 26 teeth, on which we added a tracked wheel. So we leave the traditional world of track systems to address that of the tracked wheel!
Reserved for medium and big engine, our concept retains the wheel advantages by bringing better (and more) reach to the ground.
Note that an off-road vehicle on tracks has not been studied. With a tracked wheel, we respect the mechanical bases for which your vehicle was designed!


With the tracked wheel, forget the fundamentals of raising the vehicle from 4 to 6 inches!
Our system ensures full traction with optimal propulsion, and your vehicle retains its original height (almost), which reduces the risk of potential breakage.
Your center of gravity remains unchanged, and your crossing abilities are even improved!
By maintaining a "zero" center of gravity, the stability of the vehicle and the safety of the pilot and passengers is respected.
Full traction provides full propulsion, with speed and driving balance never achieved before!


When rolling, a traditional track system constantly seeks to rotate. Therefore, it is necessary to install anti-rotations, which exert a constant tension to avoid this fatal movement. This retention exerts a continuous force on the mechanics of the vehicle.
Using the principle of the tracked wheel, our system rolls without performing this continuous rotation. Our anti-rotation system, which we call limit switches, act only when facing obstacles. If these happen to break, you can continue to roll!


When driving a vehicle, why use a full revolution to drive slower?
Once again, the tracked wheel restores and respects the mechanical rules of the manufacturer, while maintaining the original engine speed.
This considerable advantage, which is provided by full traction, makes it possible to exploit all of the horsepower, at their best performance, with an engine that will not be overused.
So your driving comfort is preserved again.


The tracked wheel propels on full traction. This traction, unique in the world, prevents the wheel from coming out of its axis.
The sprocket keeps the track inside its pitch, and it's impossible for it to slip or move. Attached from top to bottom (continuous engagement of 13 studs/26) with lateral support for all wheels, our system allows complete protection from all elements.
The stringers also protect the wheels against impacts and projections.


The chassis and all the elements of our tracked wheel are made of steel.
This strength is reinforced by a military grade that guarantees a very high-end weight/resistance!
The shafts are treated with gas nitridation, which promotes high resistance to wear, friction, abrasion, and binding.
The secondary wheels are made of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight (or density) polyethylene). With a high capacity for compression and resistance to abrasion, they have a very long life!


All of our bearings can be greased manually.
They also have extreme resistance to radial and axial forces.
It's one of our strengths that once again highlights our difference in the market!
The central double-tapered bearing is waterproof, which prevents the entry of dusty or corrosive materials and ensures an optimal lifetime!


Ice is the primary enemy that harms the rubber track and the wheel and sprocket traction.
That's why we have scrapers that are placed on each of our wheels and the sprocket.
They will, therefore, prevent ice build-up and ensure that the system functions perfectly while extending its life.

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