TheCOM Driver PTT (Push To Talk)



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3.5 mm Driver PTT (Push To Talk) used to activate the radio for car to car communications.  The coiled cord allows this PTT to be mounted to the steering wheel. Wrap the steering column multiple times making sure the coil is in contact with the shaft and sufficient coil is left between the steering column and the steering wheel to allow stress relief during turning and tilting.

Measurements: 6-inches of straight cable between button and the start of the coil about 14-inches of coil that can uncoil to over 48-inches followed by an additional 35-inches of straight cable bring the total uncoiled length to about 55-inches.

If you would like to have multiple PTT’s for the COM you can simply buy a 3.5 mm 3 pole splitter and and plug another PTT into the splitter end.