TheCOM COMsole S4S Stereo Intercom & Radio



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The COMsole is the most universal overhead install in the SxS market. For more information on how our products work see our video in new customer training. The COMsole fits nearly every SXS with a roof on the market (see install placement images here).

The COMsole comes with:

  • The Plug N Play over head console bracket
  • With various mounting hardware for multiple applications
  • Red back lite power light switch
  • Dual 9-watt LED cabin map lights
  • Coax cable (7 feet for a 2 seater and 10 feet for the 4 seaters)
  • A Black dual band antenna with breakaway spring
  • 14-awg, fused power plug power cable of your choice (10 ft cable with ring terminals or 7 ft power port “cigarette power plug”)
  • Powerful 25-watt dual band radio (UHF – VHF)
  • Bluetooth Stereo Intercom with 4 independent volume controls
  • One PTT (that is typically installed around the shifter lever). Additional PTT’s or a driver PTT are sold separately.
  • You will receive headset extension cords according to how many headsets you order.
    • 1-2 headsets – (2) 4 ft extensions cords
    • 3-6 headsets – (2) 4 ft cords  and  (2-4) 9 ft cords

Items sold separately:

  • Antenna mount Sold Separately
  • Headsets (price varies with headset quantity and choice). Headsets come with an extension cord to connect to the COMsole (the first 2 headsets purchased will come with 4-ft cords and each additional will come with 9-ft cords).
  • Driver PTT or additional PTT’s