TheCOM Budget COM Kit with 25-Watt Mobile Radio



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This budget friendly complete communication kit.  You get our ever popular state of the art  stereo sound S4S intercom paired with a 25watt mobile Radio.  See install diagram here. This kit includes:

  • 25-watt mobile radio
  • S4S Intercom (add built in Bluetooth to pair your phone)
  • 4 Cushion Clamps (your choice 1.75″ or 2.0″ diameter)
  • PTT with 7 ft of cord
  • Secret Sauce Cord (Jumper wire)
  • Coax cable (Choose your length – measure from where you plan to place the radio to where you plan to mount the antenna)
  • You will receive headset extension cords according to how many headsets you order.
    • 1-2 headsets – (1-2) 4 ft extensions cords
    • 3-6 headsets – (2) 4 ft cords  and  (2-4) 9 ft cords

*Items sold separately

  • Headsets
  • Antenna mounts
  • In-line Noise filter
  • Additional headset extension cords
  • Additional PTT’s