STM Rage 3RS ATV Primary RZR XP 1000

by STM

$1,150.00 SKU: 2001209

To take full advantage of an optimal set up we suggest using the STM driven along with the Rage 3RS.  

This clutch offers Strong Torque and works best for heavy throttle, race like or wide open conditions for the STM Rage 3RS.

New improved two-way bearing design. The main shaft bearing is now smaller with a 47mm outside diameter allowing a lower initial take off ratio than our past design. Allows tighter belt deflection and smoother transmission shifting.

An affordable replacement for the stock primary clutch. Complete billet design that out performs the existing primary. Using our adjustable SUPERTIP CAM ARMS with the Rage 3RS is the perfect recipe for your stock or modified Machine. These STM clutches will fit under the stock cover with no interference. The Rage 3RS is capable of using most cam arms that are available on the market.  We incorporate a fixed pin design that pivots the cam arm between two bushings and attaches the cam arm to the pin providing more durability to the cam arm pivot points. All parts are replaceable and stocked.

The cover is designed to use Polaris ATV springs providing a wide variety of spring rates to choose from. 

The Rage 3RS comes calibrated with a spring and set of our own adjustable SUPERTIP CAM ARMS.

Each clutch is assembled and set up to run the OEM belt

This primary will work with the stock secondary.  

Item numbers 1001070 Primary Clutch Holding Tool, 1001072 STM & Arctic Cat Spider Nut Socket Tool for 1995-2009  and  1001020 STM Rage 3 & 6 Spider Tool is required when removing or installing the spider. The Primary Clutch Holding tool works on all STM primary clutches. All sold separately.

When ordering use this guide to help you pick options

Choose Engine HP – Let us know about your bike - Is it naturally aspirated/stock? Big Bore Kit? Does it have a turbo? If you choose turbo-how much boost? This gives us an idea of how to set the weights up. KEEP IN MIND WE CAN ONLY GET YOU CLOSE WITH WEIGHT SET UP. Everyone's riding style is different so it’s up to the customer to do the fine tuning!

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