Rugged Radios Polaris General Multi Mount Kit


SKU: MT-GEN-BR-MM-RDM Rugged Radios

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The Multi-Mount System for the Polaris General provides a simple and clean installation for your Two-way mobile radio and Rugged intercom. 

Installation is easy!  

  • Remove the center dash cover plate with the switch holes embossed into it. 
  • Cut the center dash behind that from the large opening straight down. 
  • The Multi-Mount plate with 5 switch holes slips right into place where you removed the cover plate and is secured with 4 screws.
  • Load the Two-way radio and intercom into the insert, then slide the insert into the mount and secure with the 4 screws.  
  • It’s really that simple!

Mount works with:

2015+ Polaris General 2 and 4 seat models

Radio and intercom inserts available for this mount:

MT-DMU-RDM     Rugged RDM mobile radio

MT-DMU-RM        Rugged RM60/GMR45/M1

MT-DMU-MOTO   Motorola 300D/VX2200, Vertex VX2200

MT-DMU-KEN       Kenwood 7360

MT-DMU-ICOM     Icom F5021

MT-DMU-25          Rugged GMR25