Rogue RZR 1000 XP Rear Winch Bumper

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Product type: Winches & Accessories

Vendor: Rogue Offroad



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This product has about a 2 week build time, custom color can take even longer. For time line concerns please call in 801-674-2451 

Lets face it....we all get caught in sticky situations where going backwards is the only option. With Rogue Offroads rear winch bumper this will never be a problem for you again. The fact that it looks really good doesn't hurt either. This bumper will hold up to a 5000 lb winch and with the option for 2 8" Silverback light bars*, you are sure to shine light enough to hook your winch up to anything.*Lifetime Warranty On Silverback Light BarsCustom Colors available, call 801-674-2451 before ordering for those orders.