Renegade Beaver Body Wax


Renegade Beaver Body Wax

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Beaver wax was formulated to give a rich and bold shine to your paint job, enhancing your vehicles curves and sharp edges.

You will instantly see that Beaver Body Wax provides a long lasting shine on your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Give it a try on your wheels to help prevent brake dust and road tar build-up. If you live in a place where it rains or snows often, apply a light coat of Beaver Wax on your windshield to repel water or snow, as visibility is a must during those extreme conditions. Beaver Body Wax was engineered to work on any type of finish including forged wheels. Beaver Body Wax is very easy to apply. In just minutes you can give your vehicle the protection it needs against UV light, road debris and organic contaminants.

If you have vinyl racing stripes, Vinyl decals or vinyl wrapped accessories on your vehicle we recommend our Rebel Spray Wax to avoid any build up on the Vinyl ridge that could cause premature peeling


Step 1

  • Add Beaver body wax to a clean Premium Microfiber Round Pad.

Step 2

  • Gently spread it on your vehicle in circular motions, give it a thin layer coat. Due to Beaver body wax rich Carnauba blend, you can either remove the excess right away or give it a couple minutes and let it dry till it looks haze.

Step 3

  • Using a Premium Red Microfiber Towel, buff out the Beaver wax in a linear motion and your will start seen results right away.

Pro tips

  • If you are waxing your car outdoors, we recommend doing a panel at a time.
  • Safe to use on your headlights.
  • Use it on your windshield, this will help you repel rainwater off the glass.