Razorback Offroad Polaris RZR Roof Air Foil


SKU: RBO8002 Razorback Offroad

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Ever Since the Side by Side was invented people have complained about dust in the cab in in the bed. Most of the crew here at RBO face the same thing when out on the trail. We have been working hard to come up with a way to help improve airflow over the cab in hopes of reducing dust in the cab and in the bed. The result of our efforts is the RBO Air Foil. This Air Foil / Wing will bolt directly to any RBO roof without drilling or modifying. The shape of the airfoil helps to direct air over the cab and force it down into the bed. This flow of air helps to keep the rear window cleaner and also helps to keep dust out of the bed.  Our testing also shows that the RBO Air Foil helps to reduce dust inside of the cab at certain speeds. Not only does the RBO Air Foil Improve Air Flow, it’s sure to enhance the looks of any Side By Side out there. The RBO Air Foil is made from High Strength Aluminum and comes Powder Coated Black.

Made here in Idaho and comes with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.