Pro Armor Tower Speakers


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Pro Armors® new pod speakers are designed to sound incredible while playing very loud. Built to last with heavy duty cast enclosures that feature an 8 sub and 1 tweeter powered by an internal amplifier. Our speakers offer red and blue illumination with steel reinforcements to ensure protection against the elements which make them a perfect solution for SxS. The low profile rubber isolated mounting system allows for adjustable focus for all tower and roll cage size options. Sold in pairs complete with water resistant connections and mounting clamps. Needs a Bluetooth® controller to operate such as our Pro Armor® Bluetooth® controller for a simple stylish and easy system install.


  • Speaker frequency response 25Hz to 22kHz
  • Speaker sensitivity 92db Signal to noise ratio of greater than 90db
  • Input sensitivity range of 0.2 Volt to 4 volt
  • Fixed 12db/octave high-pass crossover see to 80Hz
  • IPX67 certified speaker system
  • Matte finish UV resistant coating on all parts Rubber isolation
  • clamp fittings reduce vibration