MotoRoof Rear Window – Honda Talon – 2 Door – Black


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Honda Talon Rear Wind Screen

    Wind / Backdraft

    Motomesh reduces backdraft and wind. It reduces much of the dust, dirt, and moisture that sucks through the back window.

    Dust Reduction

    We cannot stop all the dust that rolls back into the vehicle, but that isn’t going to stop us from trying.

    Keeping It Tight

    We keep the flapping to a minimum. We test the vehicles at top speed and make sure they don’t flap. A taught mesh is very important to us.

    Fast Easy Install

    Fast and easy to install. Recommended age: 4 to 99. Most of our roofs and rear windows do not require tools to install. Generally, no vehicle modifications are necessary. Should work around other accessories.


    Motomesh 80 material maintains high transperency and should not restrict the drivers visibility.

    Glass vs Mesh

    Plexiglass windows trap heat and creates static dust cling. MotoMesh material allows the air to flow out the back of your vehicle. The MotoMesh allows enough airflow for air filters to breath and creates a second line of defense against dust.