Kolpin UTV High Rise Snow Plow Push Tube


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UTV High Rise Push Tube has impressive lift height with heavy-duty, mid-mount, dual-pivot articulating frame. The 20" wide blade mount platform is compatible with Kolpin High Rise Power Angle to optimize plowing productivity.

  • Impressive lift height with Heavy-duty, mid-mount, dual-pivot articulating frame and 20" wide blade mount platform.
  • Integrated Structural Pivot Box is virtually fully assembled from the factory
  • Multi Width Blade mounting system allows current Cycle Country blades and the new wider blade support Heavy Duty Square Tube Steel Chassis with strategic reinforcements
  • Wider mount attachment for increased blade stability Robust steel tube reinforcement and stamped blade technology
  • Compatible with Kolpin High Rise™ Power Angle to optimize plowing productivity
  • Quick attach front lever to all 34-XXXX under-body mounts for easy install/removal
  • Heavily reinforced frame for today's most powerful UTVs
  • **Lifestyle pictures shown include blade and High Rise™ Power Angle (Sold separately)