Factory UTV Yamaha YXZ 1000 Steel Front Bumper Assembly


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Yamaha YXZ 1000 Steel Front Bumper Assembly. Factory UTV’s Yamaha YXZ 1000 Series bumper is constructed from steel tubing. This bumper features is a simple bolt on product with all hardware necessary included. Bumpers are Powder-coated black, mount to existing mounting locations and provide excellent protection for the front of your Yamaha YXZ 1000. Bumper can be ordered with a couple different lighting options or as a stand alone Bumper. Options included 2 different brands of LED light-bar’s with mounting tabs, mounting tabs can be used for a wide variety of bolt on accessories, from led light bars, led light pods, to horns, tools, parts and more. Front bumper assembly gives the YXZ a really nice stance and follows the vehicles lines very nicely.


Factory UTV Uses Quality Steel and Aluminum for all of our metal products.
Our metal products are made in USA, fabricated in house with the utmost quality and powder coated for a durable finish.
between using the latest innovative techniques with proven and time tested practices, our Fabrication specialists take a great deal of pride in there work, offering the best product we can to the customer. Using the correct and some times over gauged materials to ensure durability, we offer a quality product that surpasses the expectations of stock and other aftermarket accessories, setting a quality standard and level of workmanship unsurpassed by OEM and other aftermarket manufactures
Our Fabricators and engineers also like to Ride UTV’s personally, they like to test the limits of these Vehicles, as such they create and fabricate with the end user in mind, as if it was there kid, neighbor, or riding buddy using the products out on the trail. giving each metal product that we produce a level of personal assurance that it will perform to its expectations as well as exceed them.