Evolution Powersports Polaris RZR PRO XP Big Injector Maptuner ECU Power Package


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The Polaris Pro XP is the long-awaited replacement for the venerable XP Turbo. With the new vehicle came great improvements to the drivetrain, engine and turbocharger.  The EVP tuners took full advantage of these improvements by spending hundreds of R&D hours to create the most potent big injector tuning options to dominate both the dunes and trails.

Tune Features

  • Massive wheel horsepower gains

  • Rev limiters raised by 500 RPMS both high and low gears - custom rev limits upon request

  • Speed limiters raised: High gear-120 MPH, low gear raised by 10 MPH, reverse raised by 9 MPH

  • No piggyback fuel controllers to mess with

  • Torque limits raised (makes vehicle more responsive)

  • 2 foot braking enabled

  • Dramatically lowered coolant temperatures by manipulating the fan on/off temperatures (EVP was the first company to do this)

We don't throw around terms like industry leading without the winning proof. We own a constantly evolving fleet of cars which allows us to do parallel development on stock turbo consumer tunes and race-prepped vehicles to develop only the best engineered and designed products and software.

Our in-house race team, EVP Racing, not only competes with our own shop-built cars (ever heard of the Desert Storm & Hustler?) which consistently bring home wins, but the team also works as Race Support to many top racers in the industry such Marc Burnett, Dustin Jones, Kyle Chaney, Tim Farr, Lonestar, Matt Burroughs, Elliot Burns, Casey Scherer and others. 6 out of the top 10 drivers in the Lucas Oil Midwest series used EVP tunes & products to help get them to the podium. EVP programming and products are also used by top drivers in GNCC, BITD and SCORE race series with countless podiums. We Raise Winners!

Dyno Testing / Tuning the PRO XP:

We baseline dyno tested the 181 crank HP PRO XP on our Dynojet chassis dyno at 148 - 150 WHP all stock which translates to about a 18% drivetrain loss.  We installed our EVP Performance ECU software calibration to improve overall power of the engine on pump 91 octane fuel and gained a tremendous power improvement over stock. The EVP software tune alone unlocked an additional ~13 whp from this 925CC Polaris Prostar engine on 91 octane fuel with stock exhaust.  Additionally, the cooling fans are triggered 15 degrees cooler, the rev limits and speed limits are raised and the ignition and fuel tables are calibrated for optimal power. Additional improvements are achieved with our exhaust upgrade and Stage 2 (91 Octane) software at ~167 WHP. Our Stage 3R (93 octane) delivers ~178 WHP.  

Power Package Includes:

  • 1 x 2020 Polaris RZR PRO XP Big Injector Maptuner ECU Power Package
  • 1 x V-Flow Airbox Reinforced Silicone Intake Tube (bed to airbox)
  • 1 x V-Flow Silicone Intake Tube (airbox to turbo)
  • 1 x EVP Vent to Atmosphere BOV
  • 1 x Silicone Charge Tube
  • 2-step Launch Control Upgrade (optional)