Evolution Powersports Polaris RZR PRO XP 2-Step Launch Control Upgrade


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Beat your buddies off the line! 
Launch control allows the engine to build gobs of boost without engaging the belt. This EVP exclusive ECU programming holds the engine at a preset RPM when the brake is fully depressed and the accelerator pedal is pushed to the floor (vehicle not moving). Once engaged, we’ve engineered the ECU logic to retard the ignition timing while adding fuel which gives the exhaust energy it needs to spool the turbo and build massive boost at low RPMs. Once the brake pedal is released, the ECU programming reverts to normal, allowing the vehicle to accelerate like it’s been shot out of a cannon! Experience much quicker acceleration which can reduce 0-60 times by up to .4 of a second. EVP launch control is 100% integrated into the OEM ECU code and It does not require any wiring or “piggyback” spark interrupter modules.  A clutch engagement RPM which corresponds to the various launch RPM program is all that is needed for proper operation, and our EVP Shift-Tek Clutch Kits or Custom STM setups are the perfect solution to achieve the required engagement (sold separately).

Our launch control integration into the factory ECU is another example of how committed EVP is to developing innovative and industry leading products and tuning solutions for riders. We continue to push the performance envelope and provide products that dominate in the sand, dirt and racetrack. This software upgrade is only available for EVP tunes and is not compatible with any other tuning company ECU flashes. 

Note: Big Turbos, higher elevations and hot, humid temperatures will reduce the boost you can make at a given RPM. Only available for EVP tunes and is not compatible with any other tuning company ECU flashes.

The Pro XP is the first Polaris vehicle to have the coveted EVP Shift-Tek advanced clutching components built for it. Our adjustable “notched” weights can handle all power levels from Stage 1 all the way through X85 tunes! The notch in the weights raises the rpm to approximately 2300 rpms with the stock primary spring which is ideal for our launch control tunes. Additionally, our improved weight ramp angle improves acceleration and overall clutch performance.

Need a higher engagement? The EVP Shift-Tek silver spring, in conjunction with the notched weights will raise the RPM’s to about 2600. If you don’t want to purchase our clutch kit, which we do not recommend, our Shift-Tek silver spring will raise the RPM’s high enough to use launch control by itself with stock clutch weights.