Evolution Powersports Polaris RZR 1000 S (2017-2021) Code Shooter ECU Power Flash
Evolution Powersports Polaris RZR 1000 S (2017-2021) Code Shooter ECU Power Flash

Evolution Powersports

Evolution Powersports Polaris RZR 1000 S (2017-2021) Code Shooter ECU Power Flash

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CodeShooter is the most innovative app-based ECU tuning device for powersports vehicles. The most intuitive and easy-to-use wireless flashing tool on the market, you now have the power to flash your vehicle’s ECU/Dash*, read and reset trouble codes, as well as monitor live critical engine data all from your smartphone!

The factory ECU calibration limits your fun. Limits speed, limits revs and limits TQ - all the things that limit performance and enjoyability with your machine. With an EVP Power Flash your engine is recalibrated and its full power potential is unleashed! Your engine will deliver more power, rev higher, respond quicker and accelerate faster for improved performance and overall drivability.


Our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled dyno lab allows us to precisely measure power & torque output of our Power Flashes during our development process & prior to our real-world testing regimen.


Top racers & race teams choose EVP Power Flashes – they know that our tunes will give them the power and safety they need to get to the podium.


We utilize the same ECU calibration tools as the OE manufacturers which allows access to the entire ECU, not just simple tune road maps other companies are limited to, for ultimate control, modification, and upgrade possibilities.


Our motto since the beginning has been “We test where you ride” and we continue to test & prove our software in the most grueling off-road conditions possible to ensure we deliver the most refined, powerful & relentlessly tested ECU Power Flash possible.



  • Big Horsepower Gains
  • Improved Throttle Response in all Modes
    (E-Gas Settings Improved)
  • Rev Limiters Raised in both High and Low Gear
  • 100% Throttle in Both High and Low Gear
  • Speed Limits Raised in High and Low Gear
  • Fueling is Corrected for the Various Stages so No Fuel Controllers are Needed
  • Revised Fan Temperature Settings
  • Torque Limiters removed ("Shaft Saver delete") for a Much More Responsive and Fun Vehicle

Stock Injector
ECU Flashes
Stock 89 69 91 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 1 92 71 91 Stock or Aftermarket
Stage 1.5 95 73 91 Aftermarket Intake
Stage 2 97 74.5 91 Aftermarket Exhaust 
Stage 3 99 76 91 Aftermarket Exhaust & Intake
Stage 3R 101 78 100 Aftermarket Exhaust & Intake