Evolution Powersports 2019-2020 Polaris RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S 168 (EVAP) ECU Power Flash


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Polaris made many changes to both the fuel system and tuning of the Bosch ME17 ECU. The biggest change is the fuel system was changed from a return style, rising rate setup to an automotive type return less configuration. The new hardware includes a separate fuel pump controller which varies the pressure to the fuel rail based upon input from an inline fuel pressure sensor and programming. The controller accomplishes this by raising and lowering the voltage to the pump. When the vehicle is keyed on, the fuel pressure initially rises to approximately 70psi. Once the engine is started, the fuel pressure drops to 40 psi and stays there until the engine sees boost pressure. In boost, the controller raises the fuel pressure back to 70 psi.

The system makes for a much better running and safer setup as compared with earlier models. EVP has made more power with our tuning on this model than any previous generation, stock turbo, stock injector vehicle.

Stages 1-5R are done using the stock injectors and stock fuel pump! Not only that, our tunes for this vehicle are the most refined we have done for this family of vehicles. The EVAP model is also safer because the return fuel line has been eliminated and in general, the fuel pressure is lower than the previous rising rate setup.

Tune Features:

    • Massive wheel horsepower gains
    • Rev limiters raised by 500 RPMS both high and low gears - custom rev limits upon request
    • Speed limiters raised: High gear-120 MPH, low gear raised by 10 MPH, reverse raised by 9 MPH
    • No piggyback fuel controllers to mess with
    • Torque limits raised (makes vehicle more responsive)
    • 2 foot braking enabled
    • Dramatically lowered coolant temperatures by manipulating the fan on/off temperatures (EVP was the first company to do this)

Stage Tune Suffix Identifiers:

    • R: The Turbo Wastegate Crack Pressure Must Be Adjusted for Higher Boost (see our video on how to do this on the 'Additional Information tab)
    • Non R: Tunes do not require any wastegate adjustment.