Cognito Heavy Duty OEM Replacement Tie Rod Kit - Can Am Maverick X3


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Cognito Heavy Duty OE Replacement Tie Rod Kit for Can-Am The Cognito Heavy Duty OE Replacement Tie Rod Kit is designed to be a direct replacement for the OE X3 tie rods. The OE tie rods are weak and prone to bending.

The X3 is known to have issues with bump-steer. The Cognito Tie Rods resolve the bump-steer problem by correcting the outer tie rod geometry which is patented by Shock Therapy.

This kit has been engineered to withstand the abuse of racing and hard recreational use.

Note: OE inner tie rod joints are reused with this kit.

Each Kit Features:

  • Direct OE replacement
  • Chromoly tubing construction
  • Heavy duty FK rod ends
  • Easily adjust toe settings
  • Durable semi-Gloss black powder coat
  • Made in the USA