Barnett Yamaha YXZ Coil Spring Conversion Kit


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YAMAHA YXZ1000R SXS CLUTCH SPRING CONVERSION KIT!The newest addition to our line of Yamaha clutch spring conversion kits is our new kit for the 2016 YXZ1000R SXS. Like our other spring conversion kits, this kit converts the stock diaphragm type clutch spring and cast pressure plate to six heavy duty coil springs and a pressure plate CNC precision machined from billet aluminum. This provides a more controllable, linear clutch engagement and is superior in durability compared to stock. Installation is 'bolt-on' with NO modifications required. It simply replaces the stock pressure plate/spring assembly. Included in the kit are the six heavy duty springs, billet pressure plate, spring cups and stainless screws. Part #511-90-10010