Assault Industries Explorer Series UTV Side Mirrors


Product type: Mirrors

Vendor: Assault Industries



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Features & BenefitsFits any 1.5" 1.75”, 1.875" (Can-Am Maverick X3) and 2” barPolaris General clamp availableRebuildableMultiple bezel color optionsLarge mirror for max visibilityHigh impact polymer mirror housingHigh adjustabilityBreak-away mechanismLightweight and ruggedLimited lifetime warrantyDescriptionAssault Industries Explorer Series mirrors were designed for the outdoor adventure seeker! Explorer mirrors feature the greatest range of visibility of all Assault Industries’ mirrors. The housing is made from high impact polymer for lightness and durability. Colored bezels are available to match with your vehicle. The unique Assault Industries clamps enable mounting to the following roll bar sizes: 1.5", 1.75” 1.875" (Can-Am Maverick X3) or 2”. Assault Industries makes the best mirrors available! The Explorer series mirrors are great fit for any UTV.