Assault Industries Door Mounted UTV Hydration Packs (Set of 2)


Product type: Doors

Vendor: Assault Industries



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Features & BenefitsDesigned to fit OEM Polaris RZR doorsWill fit other UTV’s with little modificationHeavy duty material withstand's outdoor elementsStorage pocket for personal itemsReplaceable Anti-Microbial BladderMouth Piece CoverDescriptionThe Assault Industries door mounted UTV hydration pack was designed using the same rugged material as our popular UTV storage bags.The durable packs provide a secure and convenient place to store personal items like maps, cell phone and keys but the best part is the built in fluid storage bladder with built-in hose! The fluid bladder is anti-microbial, replaceable and features a long flexible hose with dust guard to keep the yucky stuff out!While these hydration packs were originally designed for OEM Polaris RZR doors, they can be adapted to fit most UTV's with little modification.