Aftermarket Assassins Heavy Duty Primary Clutch for 2021 RZR Turbo & Turbo S

by Aftermarket Assassins


SKU: 108-1035
  •  This kit includes our complete AA heavy duty primary clutch.  This clutch is the same design found on the 2016-2020 RZR Turbo models with an encapsulated tower design.  We found this clutch to hold power better, hold up better (no exploding), and slip the belt less. It simply meets the demands of these high horsepower vehicles, and is proven. This clutch also holds belt grip better than billet clutches especially at higher RPM's.  
  •  With this clutch you'll notice better power transfer(better acceleration) and lower belt temps than your OEM P90X clutch or any other aftermarket clutch 
  • Kit Includes: AA Primary Clutch, Primary Bolt, AA magnetic adjustable clutch weights, weight setup sheet, AA primary spring, & custom Primary Limiter
  •  Clutch does not come assembled.  Simply setup your weights according to our setup chart, then install the weights & Spring.  Otherwise we have the +$25 option to have us assemble the primary clutch for you, as long as you let us know what engine modifications and tire size/type. 
  • This item is for those that already have our AA clutch kit and want to upgrade the primary clutch.  If looking for the clutch + secondary components, that kit is listed separate.
  • Must be used with AA secondary spring (or AA spring + AA helix).
  • Clutch Puller Note:  You will need the P90X clutch puller to remove your OEM clutch.  The AA clutch uses the standard XPT/XP1000 primary clutch puller. 
  • Part number 108-1035

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