50 Cal Racing UTV 15" Wide Rear View Mirror


SKU: 6023 50 Caliber

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15" Wide Convex Rear View Mirror Weld on Mount

15" curved rear view mirror for your UTV. This mirror being convex shaped makes it far superior compared to a flat mirror because your range of sight is easily doubled. If you offset this mirror towards the drivers side of your vehichle not only can you see behind you but you can see cars approaching all the way until they are right next to you on both sides of the vehicle.

Kit includes:

15" x 2.5" convex rear view mirror + clamps (must select option from drop down menu)
2 metal washers, 2 rubber washers & 2 wing bolts

Fits the following vehicles:
All UTVs and offroad vehichles with 1.75 and 2" tubing