Evolution Powersports RZR XP Turbo Stage 6 “Sandblaster” Big Turbo Upgrade


Product type: Performance

Vendor: Evolution Powersports



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Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce the race proven “Sandblaster” Big Turbo upgrade for the 2016+ Polaris RZR XP Turbo. Once we extracted the most usable power from the stock turbocharger, we began looking at other turbo options to get more power from the Polaris 925 CC engine. There are many Garrett and Borg Warner turbochargers on the market that would work for this engine, but all of them would require a custom header (which are prone to crack), turbo support brackets, charge tubes and exhaust. Going this route would necessitate customers who have already purchased EVO or other companies’ exhausts to essentially purchase another exhaust and/or other components to fit the new turbocharger. The OEM turbocharger is limited by compressor size and bearing durability and is maxed out at 21 lbs of boost at sea level. Our solution was to engineer a custom CHRA/Turbine/Compressor which was capable of big boost while remaining durable and fit within the OEM header/exhaust housing. This would allow customers to reuse their aftermarket exhausts and keep the cost of the turbo upgrade in check. This type of engineering is far outside wheelhouse of most competitors. We pride ourselves on innovative solutions that allows for not only big power, but ease of installation, cost, and the reusing of as many OEM and/or customer purchased parts as possible. For those who are familiar with our snowmobile products – our “Big Chute” & “Hole Shot” turbocharger upgrades (which are engineered similarly to the RZR XP Turbo Stage 6 “Sandblaster”) are still unrivaled after 5 years in the Trail Big Turbo class of drag/lake racing and mountain “Chute Climbing”.The results of this upgrade have been outstanding – 30+ lbs of boost and nearly 195 wheel horsepower. Not only has the combination been dyno & field tested, but raced. The Evolution Powersports Stage 6 “Sandblaster” turbo won the 2016 SXS Wars XP Turbo – Big Turbo class! This was on a 100% bone stock engine (except for head studs) running 27 lbs of boost.The driveablity of this kit is stock like and there is tuning available for a variety of boost levels and fuel choices.Stage 6 “Sandblaster” Includes:100% Evolution Powersports ECU tuned – no piggybacks or extra injectorsNew turbocharger CHRA, wastegate actuator and compressor cover. (We can re manufacture your OEM turbocharger CHRA, but the extent of the modifications necessary to upgrade the internals and other machining only allows us to give a core credit of $250.00 – 3 week lead time on re manufacturing your turbocharger) If you choose this option, we will email you disassembly instructions and the parts we need from your vehicle.Head stud kitCustom clutching weights and spring (STM Primary and Secondary recommended) ($179.00 credit for customers who choose STM clutches)Larger – direct replacement fuel injectors (MTBE Safe) ($200.00 credit for customers who already have these)Larger fuel pump (50.00 credit for customers who already have this)New pre gapped colder spark plugsDetailed instructionsBlack powder coated compressor cover (other colors available (2 week lead time on custom colors))Existing RZR XP Turbo ECU flash customer ($250.oo credit)